Firetree Music

Electronic, ambient, balearic, new age, chill out and meditation music

Poems for the Music

Eternity and Presence

There is a place not a place 
And a time not a time 
Where the end is the beginning 
And the back is the face 
What is, no reason or rhyme 
Can tell you, brimming 
With secrets untold 
For the young and the old. 

Is it a place or a name? 
Or the One un-named? 
A number or an endless flame? 
For the near yet infinite far? 
Is it wide beyond the horizons 
Of horizons unborn? 
Or here in the present heart 
Of the beloved come to be seen? 

When the stones of the hill 
Foundation of life and fate 
Will rise to the holy diadem 
The pinnacle of dreams fulfilled, 
Will the four be eight! 
And the first, last and then 
And all the multi-verse

Will sound “Amen!”  

Can your intellect now truly assess who the ambient music poem will bless?


 The Eightfold Moment Poem

When as above so below 
Then as within so is without 
And as for you so is for me 
And as for now, eternity. 

When I see you and you see me, 
Eye to eye and face to face 
As before is as will be 
And all is here in one embrace. 

What sort of person would not 
Walk a lifetime 
To hear the Master’s Name?


Shards of Sun on a Forest Floor

A thousand shards of gleaming light

Flash upon the floor of leaves

Upon velvet coats of moss, green

With the color of enduring life

In a thousand crystal faces cleaves

The forest vision dark, as the bright

Noonday sun is fractured by the trees.

Shaking, the wind blows the canopy

Where armored creatures arrayed

Like warriors fragile to the touch

On beating wings they dart and flee

Here the hidden children stay

Undoubtedly annoyed so much

Yet unwilling to renounce their play.

A thousands streams so many gleams

Droplets scattered through the air

On leaping hearts of little lives

The ancient one awakes and dreams

The vision dazzles now aware

A thousand shards a thousand eyes

"No one here!" the forest silently replies

The children dance within the space

Before strolling on their way

Ants a tossed off crust deface

So much to do before the end of day

the ambient music poem conspires

to free the heart of unholy desires

Firetree music burning flame

Will enlightenment for you attain. 



Textures: Life In Sensate 


Sound of thought, sound of feeling

Ever present world surrounding

Joys of endless life infinite forms

Sorrow pain love loss exultation

Wisdom unequalled with the babble

Of a six month babe


Threads woven each as fine

A gossamer spider's web

Our lives like beads of dew

Strung together embroidery

On the tapestry of the world

Any wonder, then, that I wait for

Your daily call



You civilizing substance, shining malleable

Conquering others, bent to our will

Shortening life and creating tools to save

Banging crushing chiming shining lovely

Your advance is the march of our kind

And our undoing too

A music poem is only true

If it basks in early morning's dew! 


I long for a simple life

Under a canopy of leaves

Surrounded by trees, wood

To be gathered, fashioned

In to rough implements

Clacking rhythms at night

Insects singing in darkness

A spirit touches me old as time

But I am not there, just occasionally. 


 The Shepherd's Tale

I drove my flock over the hills 
And up through the mountain pass 
To the high valley silent and still 
With the sky filled lake and soft green grass. 

The craggy peaks surround this place 
The lake a mirror blue and white 
It brings joy to my tired face 
So safe I do not fear the night. 

Towards afternoon I saw some birds 
Sounds I heard from all around 
A voice singing strange old words 
I did not know with strange old sounds. 

Images moved on the crystal blue

Reflecting here the blazing light,

Signs of the prophet speaking true

Shimmering birds in true winged flight. 

A pair of doves alighted near 
Upon a stone, straight from the sky 
The sound they spoke warbled, clear 
And suddenly I began to cry. 

Was it sadness or joyous glee 
I could not say for certain 
My heart was locked a mystery 
A chamber hid behind a curtain 
I thought of my bride so lovely 
In whose embrace I long to be 

Yet, I felt a deep contentment 
The rush of rivers flowing 
The heavens broke through in a moment 
As above so below in secret knowing! 

I saw my Father’s grave, just filled 
Was it his voice I heard? 
Or the voice of the mountains thrilled 
By the vibration of the primordial word, 
Or the voice of the sky sacred blue 
Or the voice of my beloved true? 

I sat as the sky darkened 
My flock gathered in against the chill 
Lost in feeling I hearkened... 
The vision came from where it willed.


Here on the wings of evening,

Here at the close of day,

Here the starry sky expanding,

Radiant the milky way.

Here a humble shepherd sleeping

hear, now, hear me pray! 

Among the sheep a soul ascending

In their radiance I play.

Vibrations  shake me true and strong
The wind sings the ambient music poem song


A Pilgrim in the Chambers of Heaven


When you open your heart and close your eyes

When the stirring begins and the fires rise

When the words pour from your open lips

When the letters tumble and transform

Growing in meaning and evolving in form

Sent on the currents like deep laden ships


The chambers of heaven will welcome your face

Each chamber luminous, found in its place

Each will show you the world and show you the way

To see that reality is but interplay

A fragment of a dialogue in the heart of the One

Enunciated before time is begun


The First is the Chamber of the Sapphire Brick,

The pain of enslavement and the joy of freedom,

Light and dark, day and night eternally

Chasing each other in myriad phases

As the moon shines and sun blazes

Made one by the Creator's will


The Second is the Chamber of the Essence of Sky

Here is the light of the inner face

The alphabet of small letters swirls in circles

Lifting you to the tower where you may gaze

On those who proclaim "Holy!"and "Blessed"


The Third is the Chamber of Brightness

Where things are transformed and re-configured

In endless possibilities forever new

The pounding of war, the planting of the seed

The ill rise from their sick beds

Deliverance arrives in joy


The Fourth is the Chamber of Judgment,

Where your words are weighed,

Where your heart must beat true

Where the infinite mind

Touches each atom of being

And decides all destinies

In the tribunal of the seventy


The fifth is the Chamber of Love

Where the line of light touches home

Where the sleepers awaken, and the sparks arise

Where the law of life is the eternal kiss

Where redemption becomes endless bliss

Where oneness is spoken and heard


The sixth is the Chamber of Desire

Where truth is established

The music poem is ever present

The slaves go free, while the arrogant fade

The waters stand solid, the beloved pass through

Boundaries and limits are washed away

As the mighty fall low in ambient music waves

And the downtrodden rise to the heights.



Waiting for the Harvest:

A Firetree Music Poem

The storm cloud has passed over head
The soft spring sun shimmers in the east
We eat the newly ripe barley corns
In quiet repose we take our feast
The same food as our wordless beasts
We labor hurriedly, cutting and binding
The dust rises hot the eyes blinding
I hear my ox breathe heavy breaths

Seven is the number
Of the dream in endless slumber
Seven times seven, we entreat
As we await the harvest of the wheat


The earth opens in a moment
Of clarity and vision
We are not the first to hunger here
To labor and stave off fear
Or smile in satisfied contentment
Or take up fateful decisions
Lives and lives upon lives have lived
Their labors bound up in this harvest corn
Our old wheat is gone now, hence the dread
But who will speak for the dead?
New wheat is here, but unripe still
Human and beast as one live and fall
In cycles unending, bound in tragic will
Come I will touch your forgotten love
I will tell your tales in the earth above


The tools are sharpened, sickle scythe
And the smaller hand held knife
The clanging of blades metallic tone 
The grinding of blade on stone
The blades cut clean, the stalks embraced
Bundled and bound in an act of grace
Is it a cut that severs? Or that heals
Lives upon lives meet me here.
Can you rise into my hand
Without being cut from where you stand?


The village fool at the side of the road,
Not a fool but completely mad
Carries such a heavy load
His back is bent his fingers cold
Along time past when he, a lad
Saw the demon of the ripe full moon
And the pestilence that walks at noon
Demons are but messengers arriving 
From the honest truth, that all our striving
Is a leaf floating on an endless sea
The truth cannot be denied, its bitter taste
Is made sweet through the fools embrace
And sanity is cleansed for you and me


For every drop of summer dew
That materializes on the leaves
For every soft springtime drop
That falls unnoticed on the sheaves
A ray of light is shines anew
A passage opens. One can’t stop
The stream of life from coming through
To see the world with newborn eyes
I sing you ancient lullabies.
Tight is the passage, narrow the way
Conflicts between old and new
Are the order of the day.


The sweaty hand slips and then
A stalk of barley falls to the ground
A head of sustaining kernels
A forgotten sheaf is left behind
The gleaners fan out across the field
As they have done and will do again
Lifting the fallen that are now found
Enacting today the law eternal
Life times lived are here revealed.
Come to the gleaners all you forgotten
Fallen beneath the horizon of mind
Come to the poor, the patient, the kind
In their humble meal you are begotten.


The bride feels suddenly abandoned
Despite the guests and the merriment
Is marriage a guarantee that no more
Loneliness will ever be?
Her heart comes apart fragments
Each one a personality
They pull and tug and want to be free
“Who am I?” she cries unheard
“Is this really love, or is it just to late?
Is it my soul or just my fate?
Who are these selves that break away
Like snowflakes from a windowpane?”
The groom gives her a sip of water
“You look so pale, my love” 
But the water has the bitter taste of doubt
Yet, if love’s a lie then doubt’s absurd
And herein lies the magic word
The turns the bitter into sweet.


And this bride in forever’s sun
In Eden’s wedding chamber
Is my mother, and everyone’s
We the fragments of her slumber
Gathered in with the sheaves of spring.
Now we rise and now we sing, 
We taste our human wonder
Bound up in the new cut wheat
For this world is palace of windows

Shining with the 50th gate

Narrow the road and thin the gate
The Ambient music poem will now 
Compassionate to those who'll arrive late!

The Eightfold Moment


When as above so below 
Then as within so is without 
And as for you so is for me 
And as for now, eternity. 

When I see you and you see me, 
Eye to eye and face to face 
As before is as will be 
And all is here in one embrace. 

What sort of person would not 
Walk a lifetime 
To hear the Master’s Name? 

The Eightfold Moment


When as above so below 
Then as within so is without 
And as for you so is for me 
And as for now, eternity. 

When I see you and you see me, 
Eye to eye and face to face 
As before is as will be 
And all is here in one embrace. 

What sort of person would not 
Walk a lifetime 
To hear the Master’s Name?